Can I Be Sure?
(25 Pack)

by J. G. Hutchinson

This question has troubled many over the years when considering what lies beyond this life. Yet God's Word makes it very clear that we can be sure.




Col. Ingersoll, who laughed at the Bible, lectured in crowded halls on the mistakes of Moses, peered wistfully into the future and asked these questions, "Is there beyond the silent night an endless day? Is death a door that leads to light? We cannot say. The tongue less secret locked in fate. We do not know, we hope and wait". When Michael Faraday the famous scientist was on his deathbed, a group of journalists gathered to ask him what his speculations were concerning the soul and death. He said "I know nothing about speculations. I am resting on certainties." Then, after a pause, with his final breath he said, "I know." There are many areas in life when we ask the question "Can I be sure?" - marriage, money, health and employment to name but a few. These are important issues and should be treated with care, yet these only affect this life and the body. There is a critical matter that concerns us all both here and hereafter. It is SALVATION. Is it possible to be sure about it? Many people say 'Do your best and a loving God will probably take you to heaven'. Others say 'No-one can be sure'. In fact some people say it is presumptuous to say that you are sure. I would like to show to the thoughtful reader that it is possible to be sure of salvation. Think how serious it would be to pass through life and come to its end and not be sure. Take note of some characters in the Bible who were sure. Job, who had lost everything he had and suffered in a terrible way, could say emphatically "I know" (Job19v25-27). David, whose Psalms have been a blessing to many, said, "I will dwell in the house of the Lord" (Psalm 23v6). He didn't say he would like to, or hope to, but "I will". In the New Testament Paul says, "I am persuaded" (Romans 8v38), and also "we know...we have" (2Cor 5v1). John in his first epistle lays emphasis on the words "that ye may know". (1John5v13) Some people may ask 'If I can know, how can I know?' God provides the answer - a simple reliance on the work of Christ who at Calvary said, "It is finished." God's claims were met and fully satisfied, and so Christ was raised from the dead and is now glorified. It is not relying on baptism, communion, good works, places or preachers... The judgement fell on Jesus' head By his shed blood sins debt is paid God's justice can demand no more And mercy can dispense her store The sinner who believes is free Can say the Saviour died for me Can point to his atoning blood And say this made my peace with God When a person leaves aside all that is earthly and human and puts his trust in Christ, God says, "thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16v31). Coupled with this is a reliance on the word of God. No human being can tell me I am saved. While there are many good preachers - not one of them can tell me I am saved, but God can, and does. John 3v16 speaks of having "eternal life" and "never perishing". John 3v36 does the same. John 5v24 follows the same line, and it is lovely to see the words "is passed from death unto life". It is not my works or my feelings. My salvation depends on two things... what Christ did for me, and what God says to me. Be my feelings what they will, Jesus is my Saviour still.


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