Can We Be Sure Of Forgiveness?
(25 Pack)

by J. G. Hutchinson

To this most serious question the Bible provides the answer "yes" - through the death of Christ for our sins.




In a lonely hut in Alberta, Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police found the remains of a young explorer called James Eldon Michael. In his hand there was an unfinished letter intended for his Mother. It ran like this - "The sun is shining but I feel so very cold, I can hardly move about. There seems to be no blood in me. I haven't eaten for many days. I have magazines here but the stories appear so silly, I have cards but I don't care for solitaire. My only worry is, will God forgive me for my sins?" Far away from home and friends and about to enter eternity, he admits he is worried. May I ask the reader if you were leaving the world would you be worried or is all well? The explorer realized that he NEEDED FORGIVENESS. What was true of him is true of us all. God has said "all have sinned" (Romans 3v23). Where is the human being who would say I have never had a wrong thought, used a wrong word nor been guilty of a wrong action? It is well to face this solemn fact - I am a sinner in the sight of God. What good news there is for such - it is POSSIBLE TO BE FORGIVEN and to be sure of it. I know some will say you cannot know, others, you cannot be sure. All you can do is live as good as possible and hope that a good loving God will take you to heaven. That is man's thought about it, what does God say? He says "there is forgiveness with God" (Psalm 130v4). The question is asked and answered in Luke 5v21 "who can forgive sins but God alone." A poet has put it nicely: One priest alone can pardon me, And bid me go in peace. Can breathe that word absolvere And bid these heart throbs cease. My soul has heard His priestly voice He said, I bore thy sins, rejoice! THE BASIS OF FORGIVENESS is not human merit or effort. Socrates said to Plato 500 hundred years before Christ was on earth, "Deity may forgive sins but I cannot see how." The Bible is clear - Peter said about Christ "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree" (1Peter 2v24). Paul said "Christ died for our sins" (1Corinthians 15v3). How sad that man has so confused the truth of God and people are told to work, pray and observe so many things that God's word has never taught. Preaching to the audience in the synagogue at Antioch, Paul said, "through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins and by him all that believe (and note, nothing more) are justified from all things." How simple God's way of salvation Not trying or doing one's best But just in believing in Jesus The weary and sinful find rest. Yet, let us solemnly note that the Lord Jesus said to some in John 8v24 "ye shall die in your sins." To do so means to be shut out of heaven and be in hell. It is a cruel deception from the Devil that all will some day be in heaven, let us all beware.


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