Asleep in the Boat
(100 Pack)

Bible Truth Publishers

This tract tells how a guide at the Niagra Falls fell asleep in a boat and plunged to his death over the falls. It begs the reader to consider salvation before taking that last, fatal plunge into eternity


Years ago at Niagara Falls, a young man was employed as a guide. Having nothing to do one day, he moored his boat well above the cataract and lay down in it to rest. Rocked by the current of the ever-moving waters, he fell asleep. He thought he had tied the boat securely, but with its constant swaying it was finally loosed, and with its unconscious occupant, began to drift with the current. Spectators on the shore, seeing his grave danger, shouted loudly to awaken him, so that he might save himself while the current was still not so rapid, but he didn't hear them. At one point in the boat's progress, it was grounded upon a rock that protruded in midstream. Seeing the pause, the by-standers redoubled their efforts to arouse the sleeping man, crying loudly to him, "Get on the rock! Get on the rock!" But he slept on, oblivious to his extreme peril. With the movement of the waters, the boat was soon cleared from the rock, and heading for the Falls. The poor man was aroused from his sleep only amidst the thundering roar of the great cataract, over which he plunged to his death. How appalling! Asleep in the boat! Calmly and unconsciously drifting into the very jaws of death! Yet how aptly this illustrates the indifference of souls today! - many unconcerned as to their fatal course, fast asleep in their sins, perhaps lulled on the tide by earthly pleasures, soothed into false confidence by their dependence on a blameless life or religious profession. ALL ASLEEP IN THE BOAT! "The god of this world [Satan] hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them." (2 Corinthians 4v4). Friend, are you safely moored to the Rock; or are you drifting with the tide? Have you Christ as your Saviour, or are you carried along with the broad, rapid current of a world that is fast approaching its destruction? If still unsaved, will you not awake to the danger of going on without Christ? If you keep putting off the salvation of your soul till some future day, you may suddenly wake up too late and find yourself taking that last, fatal plunge over the brink into the dark waters of death and the fearful woes of a lost eternity. "Awake thou that sleepest." (Ephesians 5v14). "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." (Acts 16v31). Passing onward, quickly passing, Yes, but whither bound? Is it to the many mansions Where eternal rest is found? Passing onward- Yes, but whither bound? Passing onward, quickly passing, Nought the wheels of time can stay; Sweet the thought that some are going To the realms of perfect day; Passing onward- Christ their leader, Christ their way. Passing onward, quickly passing, Many in the downward road; Careless of their souls immortal, Heeding not the call of God, Passing onward- Trampling on the Saviour's blood. Passing onward, quickly passing, Time its course will quickly run; Still we hear the fond entreaty Of the ever-gracious One- "Come and welcome, 'Tis by Me that life is won."


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